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About LAFC

 About Us

Since the doors opened in July, 2001, the Lake Area Free Clinic has welcomed individuals and families who lack health insurance and whose income is below 250% of the federal poverty level. Many of these individuals work full-time, but are either not offered health insurance, or cannot afford the premiums.

Of course, the Affordable Care Act- now in effect- has and will continue to change the way we operate and who will be served at the clinic. As of today, a number of our patients have qualified for some level of premium subsidy under the ACA. This means they have successfully navigated the enrollment process and found affordable coverage to keep them healthy. To be sure, however, questions remain about the ability of those who successfully enroll for affordable Marketplace coverage to pay for the high deductibles that are features of some plans.

In addition, it has been projected that 29 million people will remain uninsured nationwide, so we know the need for free clinics will still exist even after full implementation of the ACA.  In spring of 2015, there were over 23,000 uninsured residents of Waukesha County. Moving forward, we will continue to address the needs of the uninsured with respect to affordability and accessibility to health care – and we will need the community’s support to continue to serve each and every patient who qualifies.

Throughout our history, volunteers from all walks of life have stepped forth to make the Lake Area Free Clinic a caring and vital part of the Waukesha County community.  Our hope is that our doors will always remain open to those who need our services, so if you’re looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity, please consider joining us.  Or, if now’s not the right time for you to make a volunteer commitment, perhaps you’ll consider a donation to the Lake Area Free Clinic.  We passionately believe that health care is a basic human right; and it’s only with your help that we can continue to help our neighbors in need.

“What do we live for, if it’s not to make life less difficult for each other?”  – George Eliot 

LAFC is  a caring and vital part of the Waukesha County community. The Free Clinic provides medical care and practical information aimed at prevention for hundreds of people who would otherwise go without. Due to increased awareness of the Free Clinic and rapidly rising need, the number of clients seeking care continues to grow.

The challenge to meet these increasing needs has been successful in the past by the generous contributions of people in our community. It is indeed gratifying to live where people care about others and are active in improving the quality of life.

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How You Can Help

Tax Deductible Donation     Any amount that you can give to the Clinic is important and greatly appreciated.  Your donation will be used for medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and other facility operating expenses.

Major Gift  Your major gift may be used for future projects such as renovation or expansion of the facility.

Volunteer Your Time    Your donation of time and talent is needed to greet clients at the Clinic. We are always looking for MD’s, APNP’s, PA’s, RN’s and Administrative volunteers (including receptionists, people to screen clients for eligibility and to people to perform patient data entry).

For more information about donating to the Lake Area Free Clinic or to arrange a tour, please call 262-569-4990 or email

“I have the deepest respect for the professionals who volunteer at the clinic.  I’m a non-medical volunteer, but I’m happy to help in a small way.”

Mary Armstrong, Lake Area Free Clinic Volunteer