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Wish List

Lake Area Free Clinic Wish List

Without the support of our generous donors, the Lake Area Free Clinic simply could not exist. While cash gifts are always welcome and will be put to best use, we likewise value gifts of office supplies and medication.  Please choose from the list below, or contact the Clinic if you’d like to donate an item or items not listed.

Office Supplies

  • Copy Paper
  • Paper Towels

Snacks for volunteers

We have a staff of volunteers who work through many meals. We liked to have things on hand such as granola bars, peanut butter pretzels, string cheese, and other snacks and treats.

 Over The Counter Medications

  • Tylenol 325mg; 50 200 count bottle
  • Baby Aspirin 81mg 50 -200 count bottles
  • Ibuprofen 200mg; 50-200 count bottles
  • Vitamin D3 1,000 i.u.
  • Fish Oil tablets 500mg or 1000mg
  • Probiotic Tablets-Generic
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Allergy Medications (claritin, zyrtec, allegra, or generic equivalent)
  • Metamucil or Miralax
  • Naproxen (Aleve)
  • Nicotine Patches
  • Famotidine (Pepcid)
  • Ranitidine  (Zantac)
  • Omeprazole (Prilosec OTC)
  • Cough medicine (Delsym, Mucinex DM)
  • Phenylephrine
  • Steroid nasal spray (Nasacort OTC)
  • Topical creams: antifungal, steroid, and antibiotic
  • DIABETIC SUPPLIES:  Insulin Syringes, Pen Needles, Lancets (if those with diabetes have surplus)