Fast facts:

In 1999 Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital was able to document over 1,800 patients who were admitted or came to the emergency department with no health insurance and who were unable to pay for their medical care. The concern was not only that people without insurance or the ability to pay in acute medical situations were coming to the emergency department, but that chronically ill patients were using it as their primary care source and had no place to turn for their health care needs. Lake Area Free Clinic opened our doors in 2001 and moved to its present location in 2009.


Community Supported:

  • LAFC is an independent 501(c)(3) organization funded solely with donations and grants.
  • ProHealth Care underwrites lab and x-ray services.
  • Aurora Health Care underwrites CT and MRI imaging services.
  • We serve residents of Waukesha County (and Oconomowoc School District boundaries) who are uninsured with a household income at or below 250% of Federal Poverty Level.
  • We are staffed by more than 220 volunteers. We have less than 3 FTEs. Over 14,000 volunteer hours were realized in 2014.
  • We welcome clinical rotations for students (volunteers/interns). We have affiliations with WCTC, UWM, Carroll University, Alverno College, Concordia University, Medical College of Wisconsin, Marquette University, Cardinal Stritch University and others.
  • We utilize resources already in place so there is no duplication of services. Partners include: Waukesha County Public Health Catholic Charities; WI Well Women Program; Anxiety Disorders Foundation; Waukesha County Mental Health; Komen Foundation and others.

A Medical Home for Those In Need:

  • We offer acute and chronic care support services including specialties: Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Cardiology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Rheumatology, Psychology, Orthopedics, Mental Health Counseling, Wellness, Physical Therapy and Diabetes Clinics.
  • We are open Tuesday and Thursday evenings (walk-in) and afternoons (by appointment only). Patients are referred from inpatient units, emergency departments and social/civic organizations.
  • We are the medical home to our patients, providing lab, imaging, medication at no cost, a referral network of specialists and valuable support and assistance for patients evaluating their options under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Need Continues:

Even after full implementation of the affordable Care Act, it is estimated that 31 million will remain uninsured nationwide. Currently it is estimated there are 23,000 uninsured residents in Waukesha County. We had 4,003 patient visits in 2014.


In 2014:

We averaged 333 patient visits per month

We averaged 31 new patients per month

Our 2014 medication costs averaged $6,500/month

  • We developed disease-specific protocols utilizing Kmart and Pick ’n Save formularies
  • We obtained $30,000/month in free medications from Patient Assistance Programs

Our 2015 budgeted expenses—$462,770

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