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VISTA Assignment Description (VAD)

Title: 2024 - 2025 Lake Area Free Clinic Program Support

Sponsoring Organization:

Project Name:
Wisconsin Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, Inc IV
Project Number: 22VSEWI001
Project Period:  08/2024 - 08/2024

Site Name: Lake Area Free Clinic

Focus Area(s)
Primary: Healthy Futures

VISTA Assignment Objectives and Member Activities

Goal of the Overall VISTA Project:
The VISTA Member activities will increase access to medical and dental care to the low income and uninsured populations of Waukesha County. By partaking in methods to ensure continued clinical sustainability, the VISTA will play a major part in the continued growth and development of high-quality healthcare for vulnerable patients.

The 2024-2025 VISTA will focus on volunteer engagement and development as a means to expand the capacity of care available at the LAFC. The VISTA will furthermore engage in activities related to quality improvement initiatives and marketing techniques. The ideal VISTA candidate will be bilingual (Spanish/English), self-motivated, solution-focused, and knowledgeable in Microsoft Office for all office functions.

Objective of the Assignment
Create and carry out volunteer engagement and recognition activities to help retain and recruit volunteers. The LAFC is a volunteer-based free clinic with over 220 active volunteers that provide direct patient care.

Member Activity:
Assist with the planning and implementation of an annual Volunteer Recognition Event to take place Spring of 2025. Work alongside the Volunteer Committee to determine a theme, location, menu, and other elements.

Member Activity:
Create a new College Student Summer Volunteer Program for the Summer of 2025. Help develop ideas and ways for college students to engage in volunteerism at the LAFC over the summer break.

Member Activity:
Create monthly or seasonal volunteer engagement activities, including sending monthly volunteer birthday cards.

Member Activity:
Assist in obtaining ongoing snacks and beverages for the volunteers. Help maintain the Volunteer Kitchen clean and well stocked.

Member Activity:
Other volunteer activities as determined by the VISTA and Volunteer Coordinator.

Objective of the Assignment
Support Americares Roadmap to Health Equity project which enhances improvement in the quality of overall healthcare and in turn reduces health inequity.

Member Activity:
Become an expert with Roadmap initiative and actively participate in trainings, webinars and learning collaboratives.

Member Activity:
Use clinic resources to submit data to the Roadmap VTOC data repository. Member Activity: Create/update a continuation guide for future VISTA members to carry out the project effectively.

Objective of the Assignment
Support WAFCC Standard of Excellence Manual, in order to promote enhanced clinical policies and practices.

Member Activity:
Update and maintain WAFCC Gold Standards of Excellence documentation based on changes in order to remain complaint.

Member Activity: Create/update a continuation guide for future VISTA members to carry out the project effectively.

Objective of the Assignment
Collaborate on marketing materials and grant writing/revision under the supervision of the Marketing and Development Director.

Member Activity:
Engage with the marketing and outreach team to create materials regarding clinic events and services.

Member Activity:
Proofread grants and other fundraising materials as directed by the Marketing and Development Director.

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