You Can be a Virtual Table Ambassador 2 Ways!

1. Host a group of 8-10 people at your home September 12
2. Coordinate 8-10 friends who will participate online only
from their own homes September 12.

For those Hosting a group of 8-10 at your home - Gather folks however you are comfortable to participate. You may want to have cocktails or a meal delivered from a local restaurant.  A member from the event team will contact you to arrange to deliver a “Box O’ Fun” stuff to your home the week of the event to help set the tone. Did someone say there would be tequila in there?

For those Coordinating a group of 8-10 friends to participate online - Contact people to get commitment to participate in the Gala with you. The day of the event, you can connect with your friends to see what your goals are as a group and see if there is an auction item that you may want to bid on together.

The Goal of a Virtual Table Ambassador

  • Spread the word about LAFC’s Casual for the Cause -Virtual event Sat. Sept 12.  Invite friends to learn about LAFC and attend the Casual for the Cause – Virtual event.
  • Get Commitment from 8-10 friends to participate in the virtual (online) event Saturday, September 12 at 5:40. Program starts at 6:00 PM and will be done by 7:00.
  • Encourage participation in the live auction and fund a need. This is the only large fundraiser of the year for LAFC.

How do I Get Started as a Virtual Table Ambassador?

  • Your first step as a table ambassador is to register online (below). It is FREE to register this year! Consider including family, friends, colleagues – anyone who may be inspired to support the LAFC mission.

A member of the Gala team will be in touch with you to provide sample emails and to answer any questions you may have. Contact Megan Welsh for additional information.

Timeline for the virtual live event:

Event Time
DateSaturday, September 12
Virtual Cocktails Begin5:00 PM (I mean it's virtual- Cocktails start when you say so)
You and your friends join us online5:45 PM
Gala Starts6:00 PM
Fund a Need
Message from LAFC and Live Auction
Gala Ends7:00 PM
HostsBuck & Liz Silkey

Table Ambassador Registration

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