Have You Thought About What You Want Your Legacy To Be?

Did you know?
Only 2 - 4% of people have remembered charities in their estate plans.
Contact Megan Welsh if you would like LAFC included in your plans.  megan@lakeareafreeclinic.org

Jo Brown

"Being a part of the Lake Area Free Clinic's Legacy Circle is a way that Bruce and I could ensure that our blessings truly are paid forward in a community we love."

Tom and Mary Jo O'Malley

"We want to play a part in ensuring the LAFC can continue into the future to help those in need."

Alice Youngberg Kozlowski

“Alice’s instinct and thriftiness parlayed into a gift to the Oconomowoc Area Foundation ensuring that LAFC and two other local organizations will forever benefit from her generosity with an annual gift.”

Frank and Chris Both

"We have supported the Lake Area Clinic for 12 years because we believe in its mission and the success it has had in Waukesha County. For this reason, we have decided to have a portion of our estate go to the Lake Area Free Clinic to help ensure it can continue its mission."

Tim and Joyann McChesney

"We are choosing to leave a legacy to the Lake Area Free Clinic in the hope that we can leave this world a little better than we found it. We have been extremely blessed in our lives and feel a responsibility to give back to an organization who’s purpose is to improve the lives of those in need."

Dick and Mary Henszey

My parents loved their community and set aside a fund to support services such as those offered through the Lake Area Free Clinic. In addition, the building that housed their company is now home to the Clinic. That would make them incredibly proud.

-Michael Henszey

Panny Bongardt

"I feel it is my civic duty to help others.  Leaving a legacy gift to LAFC allows me to do this when I no longer need the money."

Dean and Peg Koenigs

"We want to ensure LAFC's mission will continue well into the future.”


“We’ve been so blessed during our lifetime, allowing us to support things we care deeply about – among them the Lake Area Free Clinic.  We want to be sure the clinic is able to thrive as long as it’s needed, so we made sure to include it in our estate plan.” -Anonymous

Mark Knickelbein

Through a feeling of helplessness when his Mother was passing of Leukemia, later in life Mark had developed a passion for the Lake Area Free Clinic. Mark had volunteered a tremendous amount of hours, love and labor into the renovation and development of the LAFC and Dental Clinic. When asked why this was so important to him by a family member, in his owns words, Mark replied, “I was unable to do anything to help my Mother, the Good Lord put the opportunity to use my hands to help others in front of me and I had to run with it. It’s my way of honoring my Mother.”  Even from Heaven, through his children, Mark continues his passion of giving. The work of his hands and the love behind it, will forever live on in the walls of the Lake Area Free Clinic.

Jerry and Trudy Wille

My lovely wife Trudy, who we lost last year to Lewy Body Dementia, and I have supported Lake Area Free Clinic for many years. I and my family will continue to support it every year in Trudy's memory. Thank you to the staff and supporters at LAFC for making a difference in people's lives.

"The Mind forgets but never the Heart."  Jerry Wille

Russ and Emy Seaman

Russell was a first-generation college graduate from a hard-working family. He put himself through undergraduate and medical school. He was a compassionate and well-respected anesthesiologist. When discussing memorial giving, Russ thought that a memorial gift to LAFC would be a nice way to honor the occupation that he loved by providing medical care to individuals that needed assistance. Another aspect that Russ really appreciated was that his gift would be used locally. The need in Waukesha County may be overlooked and Russ would be proud to know that his memorial gift will help with this situation.

Marjorie Day

In later years Marjorie enjoyed working and contributing to some of the organizations which she felt made Oconomowoc a special community. The Lake Area Free Clinic is certainly one of those special organizations.
-Sally Day (Marjorie's sister)

Mark and Suzanne Zwaska

"We feel the work of the Lake Area Free Clinic is transformational in the lives of so many. It is important to us that we continue to support the mission of the clinic into the future."

Contact Megan Welsh if you would like LAFC included in your plans.  megan@lakeareafreeclinic.org

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