Lake Area Free Clinic Testimonials

What Our Patients Are Saying About the Free Clinic…

From time to time we receive notes and cards from people who have obtained care from the Clinic.  There are many reasons people volunteer the time and talents at the Clinic, not the least of which are the heartfelt notes of appreciation.  Here are a few…

 “To Dr. Russler and the Staff at the Lake Area Free Clinic – THANK YOU!! For your hard work, time and giving….and treating me kindly!  God Bless you!”

– Jay

 “Dear Donna and Clinic Colleagues:  I was so moved with hope when I saw you in the emergency room caring so deeply and actively about my well-being.  In the midst of this time of difficulty I am grateful to God for professionals like you and all the staff of your Clinic.  For all you do with such love and dedication, may all the blessings be yours.”

 – Art

“Dear Donna, Mary, Jan, Nurses Doctors and Volunteers: “…I don’t know what I would have done without your kindness and generosity….You are angels on earth and I just want you to know how much your efforts are appreciated.  What wonderful people you are.  Please know that if I can be of assistance in any way you have only to call and I’ll be there.  It makes me feel proud to be able to help in even a small way to be a part of your wonderful endeavors.”

– Louise

Not enough can be said about the great need and appreciation for the services provided the Lake Area Free Clinic.  The medical staff that sacrifices their time and efforts to help the needy, the unemployed, the uninsured and those living on fixed incomes cannot be applauded too much.

– Michael & Diane

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